Tips for trekking Lao Than Mountain

Lao Than is the highest mountain located in Y Ty, Lao Cai Province, North Vietnam. This interesting trekking area attracts many backpackers every year. If you are planning to visit Lao Than, take these tips before you begin your trip. It will help you get a convenient, safe and pleasant journey.

Some information about Lao Than Mountain

• Location: Y Ty, Bat Xat District, Lao Cai Province.

• Coordinate system: 22.610420°, 103.686535°.

• Height: over 2.800m above sea level.

• Traveling time: 2 days 1 night.

• Landscape: Have a great viewpoint to Den Sang Valley, Nhiu Co San Mountain. It is the most fantastic destination reaching for the sky in Y Ty.

Tips for conquering Lao Than Mountain

• Place for camping: It lies in the spacious ground near Hmong spouse’s cave. This 2560-meter cave can just contain 4 people, so you should prepare some sleeping bags or camping tents.

• It takes 30 minutes to walk from the cave to water resources. Nonetheless, water is extremely scarce in this mountainous area, so it is a great idea to prepare your own drink before trekking.

• According to some advices, instruction and experience for backpacking, trekking and discovering Lao

Than Mountain, you should get a professional porter. Since Lao Than is a new trekking destination, it is very easy to get lost. When taking a trip to this place, you should contact with a Hmong porter called Ho via his phone number, 01255751173. He and his friend, Lu, can be the great instructors during your trip. With his support, you will feel much safer to enjoy the beauty of this mountain.

• You may need to spend 6 hours on climbing the mountain. Local people consider Lao Than as the first place to see the sunrise and the final place to view sunset in Y Ty, Lao Cai Province. Therefore, you can enjoy the sun’s majestic beauty when reaching Lao Than mountaintop in the early morning or evening.

• If you want to cook by yourself, you should lend the porter a pot and use some disposable bowls and chopsticks. In addition, it is great to prepare some dried noodles, sausages, dry provisions, beef or pork meat and vegetables. Purchase fresh food in Sapa to prevent them from damages. In the case of preparing at home, keep bringing the processed or salted food.

• In the case of driving the motorbike to get there, park your vehicle in farm fresh. Note that you should make a deal and pay for parking fee first. This aims to avoid unexpected conflicts.

• Especially, since this is still a new and pristine tourist destination, all negative human actions cause a serious damage to natural environment. Therefore, do not drop any litter in the mountain. Also, before leaving, it is necessary to collect your wasteful rubbish.

• Complexity: The way near Lao Than mountaintop is steep and windy, while the climbing path is prettily flat. It contains many shrubs, strong wind, and blazing sunlight, so you should prepare some hats and sturdy clothes.

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