Trekking trips to Grass Hill and Ta Nang Forest

Keep your mind off the anxiety, and then immerse yourself in the vast sky and land with many pine forests. This definitely brings the greatest feelings after a memorable trekking trip to Ta Nang.

How to get to Grass Hill and Ta Nang Forest?

Situated in Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province, Ta Nang Forest is over 300 kilometers far from Ho Chi Minh City. If you take a trip on the weekends, you should start on Friday night and arrive in Duc Trong in the following day’s early morning. As a result, you may likely come to Ta Nang on Sunday afternoon. After going around, leave the forest and go back to Ho Chi Minh City at the midnight.

The trekking route to grass hill contains a wide range of terrains. To get this place, you have to trail on the red soil roads. Then, walk along many hillside coffee plantations and cross some small streams. As far as the eye could see, the spectacular hills are getting clearer. It's majestic and peaceful landscape easily makes you fall in love this place.

What should you prepare for your trip?

Before trekking to Ta Nang, you should prepare food and drinks for a 2-day hiking trip. Bring the lightweight clothes for daylights and warm ones for cold nights. Do not forget to bring a backpacking tent.

The vast hills closely link together. It is best to use some devices such as GPS and work with tracklogs in order to prevent yourself from getting lost. In addition, you should ask the local people for more instruction.

How to schedule your trip?

After going along the 10-kilometer trekking route, it is time to set up a base camp on the grass hill. Collecting dry wood and preparing dinning meals with your friends definitely gives you a great and wonderful experience.

On the next day, spend your time wandering around Ta Nang forest and go back to Ho Chi Minh City. This trekking trip provides a lot of memories you cannot forget. When having more time, it is great to go along Ta Nang – Phan Dung trekking route which stretches over Binh Thuan Province. The terrain is very complex, so you can get lost easily. It requires you to have the best skills and health condition.

The fantastic Ta Nang – Phan Dung landscape is waiting to be discovered. Just keep going ahead, setting your foot on this trekking trail, and taking some wonderful pictures. Although you may immerse yourself into the great moments, do not forget to collect all garbage before leaving. Just by this action, you can protect the pristine and unspoiled beauty of nature.


Before taking this trekking journey, you should carefully check terrain and weather condition. One reason is that Ta Nang ground is very slippery and hard to move when the rain comes.

You need to have a great physical strength for walking, climbing the mountain and carrying heavy backpacks during hard trekking trails. In case you are not healthy enough, get some training exercises such as jogging or riding first.